Whether breast cancer screening does more harm than good has been debated extensively. Earlier this year the Swiss Medical Board published a report recommending that no new systematic mammography screening programs be introduced. Here is how and why they came to this conclusion. The Swiss Medical Board is part of an independent health technology assessment initiative in Switzerland. In 2013 they were asked to review the current mammography screening program. The team of experts on the board included amongst others, a medical ethicist, a clinical epidemiologist, a pharmacologist, an oncologic surgeon, a nurse scientist, a lawyer, and a health economist.

What most of us are accustomed to when we think of medical imaging is the use of X-ray, CT, MRI, or ultrasound. All of these imaging tools are considered structural imaging technologies; they look inside the body for structural changes such as broken bones, tumors, damage to organs, etc. What separates these technologies from infrared imaging is that Thermography detects infrared (heat) markers that reflect the body’s subtle underlying chemical and nervous system signals. This allows us to look at how the body is functioning. These neurochemical signals may be the only sign that a problem exists, a remnant of injury indicating that healing has not finished, or a signal sent in advance of significant damage to the body. With this information in hand, you and your health care provider can outline a method for treating a current problem or possibly preventing future problems before they cause irreversible damage.

Did you know that The United Breast Cancer Foundation offers free or low cost breast screenings to women and men nationwide! UBCF covers various screening technologies such as thermography, ultrasound, and mammograms. The program is open to all regardless of age, race, gender, income, or medical insurance. Check it out at www.ubcf.org and go to the breast screening tab on the left hand side.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming up in October! Breast thermography is safe for women of all ages and is effective for women with dense breasts and implants. It's also good at detecting changes in the cells of the armpit area, an area that mammography isn't always good at screening.
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Breast cancer and other breast diseases have become a tremendous issue in women's health today, particularly in advanced industrialized nations. Also note that approximately 1,000 men get breast cancer yearly.