Did you know that The United Breast Cancer Foundation offers free or low cost breast screenings to women and men nationwide! UBCF covers various screening technologies such as thermography, ultrasound, and mammograms. The program is open to all regardless of age, race, gender, income, or medical insurance. Check it out at www.ubcf.org and go to the breast screening tab on the left hand side.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming up in October! Breast thermography is safe for women of all ages and is effective for women with dense breasts and implants. It's also good at detecting changes in the cells in the armpit area, an area that mammography isn't always good at screening.
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Breast cancer and other breast diseases have become a tremendous issue in women's health today, particularly in advanced industrialized nations. Also note that approximately 1,000 men get breast cancer yearly.


BACKGROUND: Digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) has resurfaced in this era of modernized computer technology. Its role in the detection of breast cancer is evaluated.